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We are business advisors for entrepreneurs and growing businesses. We assist our clients to simplify, automate and innovate, while advising them on strategy, execution and operations. Leveraging our extensive management consulting experience, we support our clients in tackling challenges and making a difference in running their business.  

The Narrative

As a business owner and an entrepreneur, you are passionate about the products and services that you offer. You strive with satisfied customers. Your business has a global reach like many businesses in our very connected world. Using technology, all common and routine business activities happen automatically without taking up anyone's time. Your employees are a happy bunch who share your passion and are enthusiastic about their jobs. You also love being influential in making the world better and advancing humanity. And above all, you live a balanced life and spend a lot of time with your family. 

This sounds like the perfect narrative that everyone dreams of. And some might even argue that this narrative is unrealistic.

We as business advisers and thought leaders however do believe that it is totally achievable. With mobile and advanced technology like artificial intelligence, the world is at our fingertips. We have unprecedented access to smart tools, global talent and other resources as the world has rapidly advanced. We believe that you need to tap into the eco-systems of smart tools, global talent and abundant resources to make your business, your life and our planet better.

We are passionate writing this narrative with you and supporting you to make it a reality.

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   Simplify, automate and innovate.  

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    To simplify, we review your business, operations and technologies. We also help identify opportunities and develop plans. We then discuss with you the following:

    Business Review

    Technology Review

    Process Simplification


    To enable you to focus on your core business, we help you automate your processes. We manage your vendors and the execution of the automation. We assist you in:

    Technology Selection

    Vendor Engagement

    Technology Enablement


    If you need independent insights to build and grow your core business, we are happy to share our experience, insights, views and research.

    Product Review

    Market Analysis

    Strategy Review